Our Commitment

We are humble but proud of the integrity of our craftsmanship.

Stampede Meat is focused on your success. In today’s competitive markets, it is important to reach consumers with game-changing products quickly.

Tap into the latest trends, create customized flavor sensations that keep consumers coming back for more, and fill your pipeline with safe, consistent products.

We create the same types of protein solutions for you that we cook for our families every night. Each product is hand crafted by a Stampede artisan who developed the craft of trimming and steak cutting over decades of training and development. Now that is quality you can trust.

Count on Stampede to develop and produce high-quality, value-added beef, pork, and poultry solutions for your customers.

Protect your company and your consumers with the Stampede Safety Lock Advantage program.

Don’t gamble with the future of your brand. Rely on the innovative Safety Lock Advantage program that takes food safety to new levels — exceeding the U.S.D.A.’s very stringent and ever increasing standards placed on beef manufacturers.

Multiple Defense strategies:
    Level One – Tight Temperature Control from Receipt through Shipment
    Level Two – Captured Boot Program  (Isolating and Eliminating Footwear as a Potential Risk)
    Level Three – Touchless Entrance System onto our Plant Floor
    Level Four – Multi Layered Intervention Steps throughout Our Proprietary Process
    Level Five – Pathogen Testing on Every Product Produced – Negative Results Required  Prior to Release
    Level Six – Independent Lab Validation of Every Step of Our Intervention System

Stampede has developed a fully integrated food safe system that we call the “Stampede Safety Lock Advantage”. The goal of this system is to protect your brand in an ever increasingly challenging regulatory environment. Our commitment is to continue to add additional steps and system enhancements to this proprietary and industry leading program. For more details, please arrange a visit to Stampede’s processing and cooking plants with a member of our Stampede Sales team.

Safety Lock gives you the advantage, filling your pipeline with wholesome beef, pork, and poultry products that you can trust to further enhance and build your brand.

Grow your brand with quality and consistency.

Stampede Meat builds one-on-one relationships with our customers that are founded on trust. We know that our success depends on your success.

Robust material-sourcing programs ensure that we have access to the grades of meat for your products, and that we are able to obtain adequate inventory at competitive prices to meet your program requirements.

High-quality meat processing production equipment and industry leading expertise help us maintain the very highest quality standards and sets us apart from other wholesale meat suppliers. We want to maintain and build your brand by delivering consistency and handcrafted quality to each of your locations.

Your business will grow profitably when you partner with Stampede.

Enhance your business with customized protein products.

Proprietary flavor profiles provide the opportunity for strong brand differentiation. Stampede’s culinary team can help you identify and leverage marketing opportunities and consumer trends that capitalize on this opportunity.

Our strategy is your strategy, and nowhere is that more obvious than Chef2Chef™ collaboration. We will work with you to create unique recipes customized to your needs and we will help you test and launch them in your kitchens or stores.

Our core marketing background and skill set can also assist in the packaging, promotion and positioning of the products we produce. Stampede strives to move well beyond the production of our products. While we believe this is critically important we also believe that our role is to move well beyond production and assist with the sale of our products whenever possible. Retail and foodservice customers are learning the value of Stampede. We can help raise consumer quality, value perceptions, and your bottom line.

We are ready to help you grow your business.