Stampede’s 2018 National Safety Month Tips

Stampede Meat Director of Food Safety Rich Chiaramonte and Safety Manager Jorge Cervantes

Safety for our products, customers, facilities and employees is always top priority at Stampede Meat. As the month of June – better known as National Safety Month – comes to a close, we want to recognize how our company goes above and beyond USDA Food Safety standards. Continue reading “Stampede’s 2018 National Safety Month Tips”

The Impact of a Food Safety System

Choose Suppliers Well In Case Your Customers Demand Rare

Food service quality assurance managers may not like it, but medium-rare beef is making a comeback.

It never really went away in fine-dining restaurants, where ordering a well-done steak is typically frowned upon by chefs, waitstaff and any red-meat lovers within earshot. But the gourmet burger chain and gastropub trends are now feeding the demand for pinker, juicier beef. Continue reading “The Impact of a Food Safety System”