Dennis Gruber

Dennis Gruber

VP of Technical Innovation & Culinary Development


Dennis has extensive experience in technical and product innovation, quality assurance, food safety, raw material sourcing, and culinary development — an excellent combination for Stampede Meat.

Dennis started his career at Cargill, where he spent 10 years. He began in beef & pork research and development and moved into further-processed product development and customer support. This experience laid the groundwork for his initial position at Stampede Meat in research and development. Today he is one of the primary team leaders in charge of technical and product innovation, safety, sourcing, quality control, research, customer support, and culinary development.

Stampede’s innovative production and extensive food safety programs are testaments to our commitment to meet customers’ expectations and to exceed U.S. and other government standards. Dennis works extensively with food-industry product teams to move gold-standard products from concepts to full-scale production quickly and efficiently.

Dennis has a B.S in animal science and an M.S. in meat science, both from Iowa State University.