Raymond McKiernan

Raymond McKiernan

Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing


Ray has been with Stampede Meat since the beginning; he was one of the founding partners. He has more than 42 years of experience in the food service industry, including more than 30 in sales and marketing of beef, pork and chicken products.

Ray began his career at Bonanza Steakhouses, serving as regional vice president of Operations. While he was there, the company grew from a small chain to include nearly 600 restaurants.

In 1985, he joined Rymer Foods as vice-president of sales and marketing. He spearheaded the development of national food service chain and industrial accounts. In 1995, he and other key managers started a new company, which became Stampede Meat.

Throughout his long career, Ray has focused on business development at food service accounts. His success is predicated on identifying opportunities, marketing products and assisting customers as they grow their product lines and reach new customers in part through the innovation and imagination of Stampede Meat. He is also rightly proud of the number of successful people who started their careers working for Ray.