2nd Annual Stampede Olympic Games

All participants of the 2nd Annual Stampede Olympic Games

After a successful first Stampede Olympic Games event in October 2018, the Stampede Cares committee decided this would be an annual event moving forward. Many participants from last year wanted a chance at redemption and new Stampede team members participated this year. On Wednesday the second Stampede Olympic Games were hosted with the Orange Team walking away in victory! With participants having been seasoned from the last Olympic Games, dedication and commitment to teamwork was a common theme of the event.

Twenty employees were split into teams of five with their matching colored Olympic Games t-shirt. This time around the event was sponsored by Morreale Meat, Professional Freezing, Lincoln Provisions, and Amigos Foods. Each sponsor gave a generous donation to the event’s cause and had their company logo on the participants t-shirts. Team members from various departments were represented in the games, including Finance, Logistics, Operations, FSQA, and Sales. Thanks to the cooperative Chicago weather, the games were hosted outside, and they were “Stampede” themed events such as getting suited for production and building a pallet of boxes for distribution! Orange Team winner Sophie Bozek exclaimed, “Oh my goodness! I cannot believe how much fun I had with these crazy team members. Everyone had such an amazing energy and competitive spirit. I already can’t wait for the next Olympic Games!” Two-time winner from last year’s Yellow Team and this year’s Orange Team Ward Hassan said,””

Photographed above are the winners right to left:  Daniel Augustynek, Ward Hassan, Sophie Bozek, Henry Wiencek, and Guillermo Garcia

Previously the winning team donated to the charity of their choice, No Kid Hungry. This year however, the donations were collected for the family of a fallen Chicago Police Officer that was connected to the Stampede family. Officer Marmolejo was killed in the line of duty December 17th, 2018. He left behind his wife and three daughters. In his short time with the department, Marmolejo had already received four honorable mentions internally, a physical fitness award and a department commendation. Stampede President and CEO Brock Furlong shared, “The decision to donate to Officer Marmolejo’s family was a simple one. Often times we hear about tragedies in the news, without realizing how truly tangible they are. If we can help an extension of our Stampede family, we WILL help our family.” Participants and spectators contributed monetary donations as well, and Stampede matched the overall total donations collected, raising a net amount of $1,700.