Pictures above are 1st shift employees celebrating 5, 10, 15, and 20 years with President & CEO Brock Furlong (left). Departments represented are finance/ operation, human resources, IT, maintenance, production, and quality assurance.

Each year Stampede Meat takes a moment to acknowledge the loyal individuals that contribute to the overall company growth and success.   On January 29th, Stampede acknowledged employees celebrating their 5, 10, 15, and 20 years with the company! 20 employees were celebrated at a luncheon held in their honor.  It was a great opportunity to reflect on their years at Stampede and all the achievements (and challenges) that have occurred along the way. “Stampede has helped me grow not only as an employee, but also by opening my eyes to the many important factors within the food industry all together.  Quality control is our number one priority; to ensure all product is safe and meets all food regulatory standards. I hope to continue to learn and grow with the company,” shared Quality Assurance Assistant Supervisor Milagro Vargas, who celebrated 5 years.

“It takes a great deal of dedication and commitment to meet a milestone anniversary at any company.  We are honored that these individuals have chosen to spend many years as part of the Stampede team,” said Stampede Meat President and CEO Brock Furlong.  More than 70 percent of employees have been with Stampede for longer than 5 years.  “I am grateful for their commitment to teamwork and their commitment to the Stampede Meat family,” Furlong said.

Beyond Bacon: Pork Belly is on the Rise

Photograph from Stampede Meat’s recent R&D ideation session.

When one thinks of bacon the common thought is “Well, doesn’t everything taste better with bacon?” And so is the case for the uncured, unsmoked and non-sliced pork belly.

Whether it’s a savory bacon n’ eggs breakfast or a sweet chipotle honey pork belly glazed donut, pork belly and bacon are definitely two of a chef’s favorite ingredients when driving menu innovation and “New News” on their restaurant menus.

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Stampede Meat Sunland Park Facility Opening in November

Photograph from Stampede Meat’s Groundbreaking Ceremony held on July 13, 2018.

Stampede Meat, Inc.’s newest facility in Sunland Park, New Mexico is weeks away from opening for production.  This expansion is driven by the company’s dynamic group of customers and their need for additional capacity and capabilities from their partnership with Stampede Meat.  Stampede Meat operates as an extension of their customers’ strategy, and as their customers continue to grow and have success, so has Stampede’s commitment to proactively seek innovative and cost-efficient supply solutions to fully address their needs.   As Stampede readies for the imminent startup of the facility we must stop and reflect on just how far we have come from where we began with this project just four short months ago.

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Stampede Cares Olympic Games: “And the winner is…”

Stampede Team members participating in the Stampede Cares First Annual Stampede Cares Olympic Games.

Congratulations to the Yellow Team! It was not your typical day at the office Wednesday afternoon, when Stampede team members participated in the First Annual Stampede Cares Olympic Games. One of Stampede Meat’s core values is Commitment to Teamwork, and Wednesday’s event challenged team members on a whole new level.

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