Beyond Bacon: Pork Belly is on the Rise

Photograph from Stampede Meat’s recent R&D ideation session.

When one thinks of bacon the common thought is “Well, doesn’t everything taste better with bacon?” And so is the case for the uncured, unsmoked and non-sliced pork belly.

Whether it’s a savory bacon n’ eggs breakfast or a sweet chipotle honey pork belly glazed donut, pork belly and bacon are definitely two of a chef’s favorite ingredients when driving menu innovation and “New News” on their restaurant menus.

Stampede Meat’s marketing and product development teams continue to see upward pork belly trends on menu mentions across all foodservice segments. Items vary from breakfast sandwiches, burgers & toppings, creative tacos, and stir fry.

“Pork belly is not a fad, but rather an ingredient that can help drive innovation and menu sales no matter what the application may be,” said Stampede Meat Corporate Executive Chef Ron Jolicoeur.

Below is some of the data that Stampede Meat has compiled to support this statement:

  • 62% of US based restaurants feature bacon on their menus
  • In 2017-2018, bacon sales were $6.56B
  • Bacon had a 3.5% up tick from 2017-2018 in restaurant sales
  • In 2016, the bacon market was calculated at $55.76B and has projected continued growth during 2019-2023

So, whether it’s salty and sweet, cured or uncured, breakfast, lunch or dinner, pork belly is an ingredient that is so versatile and well received. It’ll have restaurant guests coming back for more time after time.