Our Promise

Grow your brand with quality and consistency

Stampede serves up value across our vast array of specialties. From beef, poultry and oxtail to soups, vegetables and alternative vegan proteins, Stampede’s capabilities far surpass your typical protein supplier.

Stampede builds one-on-one relationships with our customers that are founded on trust. We know that our success depends on your success.

We create the same high-quality protein solutions for you that we cook for our families every night. Each product is hand crafted by a Stampede butcher who developed the craft of trimming and steak cutting over decades of training and development.

Build your brand with customized products

Our R&D, culinary and production teams stay a step ahead of the market, ensuring your menu and flavor developments will always capitalize on industry trends.  Stampede consistently improves to exceed customer needs, driving strong brand differentiation through its proprietary flavor profiles.

Robust raw material-sourcing programs ensure that we have access to the various proteins and ingredients for each of your unique products. These programs not only allow us to also obtain desired inventory at competitive prices, but they also provide us the ability to meet aggressive deadlines for an extensive range of projects.

Cutting-edge food processing production equipment and industry leading expertise help us maintain the very highest quality standards while building your brand and growing your business.

Our core marketing background and skill set can also assist in the packaging, promotion and positioning of the products we produce. Stampede strives to move well beyond the production of our products and assist with the sale of our products whenever possible. 

Stampede delivers value you can trust

Stampede is the steward of billions of dollars of brand values. With the upmost integrity, we have built up our safety programs to exceed USDA standards and fiercely protect these brands.

We prepare your cooked and ready-to-cook products at our state-of-the-art production facilities, which are designed to maximize safety at every step. Our proprietary food safety processes — specifically our Safety Lock Advantage Program and our Hold-and-Release Program which utilizes N-60 sampling — involve multiple interventions and test points throughout the production cycle.

Additionally, our people are craftsmen of the highest skill and ability. We train each Stampede employee to be recognized as a Certified Butcher, ensuring we provide the highest level of expertise in every portioned protein product we produce in our plants.