ValuesWe hold our team accountable for upholding the same standards and service to our own employees as we do to customer and supplier relationships.

The Stampede Values Wheel is a unique approach for a meat supplier, and we believe these core values and understanding set us apart from the crowd.

Challenge Directly & Respectfully

You have a right and an obligation to question the status quo; stating your opinion and standing up for it; doing what is right for the business, our customers, our associates and our community versus pleasing others.

Commit to Teamwork

Climate of open communication, trust and mutual respect; seek first to understand assuming positive intent; sharing commitment toward common goals; capitalize on diverse views to make better decisions; actively help others be successful while holding each other accountable.

Embrace Innovation

Clear recognition that new ideas are our future; generate and build on new ideas continually; create a “SAFE” environment to fail; focus on learning rapidly as a team and implementing even faster.

Improve Daily

Current performance can always be improved; we seek out each other to drive improvement; we desire to learn and grow perpetually; great listeners and even better questioners; we strive for excellence in everything we do, but most notably in the PRODUCTS we produce.

Perform Passionately

Setting clear, measurable and attainable goals; having a strong desire to beat the competition; “can do attitude”; sense of urgency and bias to take action; measure results NOT activities winners keep score.