Group Photo of 2015 Stampede Anniversary Attendees

The leadership team at Stampede has always believed that employee milestone anniversaries should be recognized and celebrated. It’s important take a moment to acknowledge the loyalty of their employees and say thank you for their commitment. In previous years, the organization always did something special to recognize 5, 10, and 15-year milestones and continue to do so today. But in 2015, for the first time in company history, the 20th Anniversary milestone was reached and by over 10 employees! The leadership team gathered to brainstorm the best way to celebrate these individuals for such a great achievement.

“We knew it had to be big and we knew it had to be very meaningful,” said Stampede President & CEO Brock Furlong. “Twenty years is a long time to commit to ANY organization, but they’ve trusted this company and this team for so long and that’s unique. We agreed that since they’ve given us so much of their time, let’s show our appreciation by planning a relaxing and fun trip for them to unwind and enjoy.” Each person celebrating their anniversary gets to bring along a guest of their choosing. “It was so nice to be able to get away with my husband and some of my co-workers. We were able to let loose and leave work behind for a few days!” shared Sophie Bozek who celebrated her 20th anniversary in 2017.

Today, the trip has grown into a biannual tradition for those celebrating this remarkable 20-year milestone. The trip is hosted by President & CEO Brock Furlong, CFO Vito Giustino, VP of Production Krys Harbut and their spouses.  It consists of traveling internationally for five days and four nights.

Group Photo of 2017 Stampede Anniversary Trip Attendees

“Every detail is carefully planned from the moment they step foot out their front door. It’s important for me to not only plan this unforgettable trip for them, but also capture it with photos,” said Sr. Manager of Sales Support, Marketing & Customer Service Alicia Talavera. She has planned the trip from its inception. “The five days are filled with adventurous activities, team building moments, and lots of laughs. Every year the group really comes together to create unforgettable memories,” said Talavera.

The 2019 trip took off for the long weekend just yesterday. The group was thankful to be getting away for some sunshine away from the Chicagoland winter blues.